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Versar, Inc. Acquires Geo-Marine, Inc.

Versar, Inc. (NYSE MKT: VSR) has acquired Geo-Marine, Inc., a business with more than $20 million in annual revenues. The purchase price was paid with a combination of cash and seller notes. Geo-Marine, headquartered in Plano, Texas, provides engineering design, construction management, environmental planning and programming, and other services in support of a wide range of government, industry, and commercial clients.

Video Gallery

Ocean/Wind Power - Underwater Acoustic Surveys

In 2008-2009, VersarGMI conducted the first ever ecological baseline study in U.S. waters in advance of offshore wind development. This study, done for the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, included underwater acoustic surveys for the presence and seasonality of marine mammals. In this video, VersarGMI senior acoustician, Dr. Kathleen Dudzinski, discusses what equipment was used, why the underwater acoustic surveys were conducted, the deployment and recovery process, and a few of the animals identified during data analysis. Also included is a look at the marine autonomous units (pop-ups) used, marine mammal species recorded, and footage of the deployment/recovery process.

Ocean/Wind Power - Aerial Surveys

The study also included aerial surveys for marine mammals and sea turtles. Scientists in this video discuss how aerial surveys were conducted and what was observed when flying offshore New Jersey, and explain how the aerial surveys contribute to the larger baseline study. Also included is footage of the plane used for the surveys, what it looks like to see dolphins from the air, and the types of equipment scientists use to collect data on this type of survey.

Ocean/Wind Power - Offshore Shipboard Surveys

In this third video, scientists discuss how they surveyed for various animals, why a survey like this is useful for planning a windfarm, and how the data is used. Additionally, the team was filmed working onboard the University of Delaware's R/V Hugh R. Sharp and footage was captured of some of the marine wildlife that occur off New Jersey, such as North Atlantic right whales and loggerhead sea turtles.

Film Producer: John Anderson, Terramar Productions